Your Cinque Terre Wedding

Imagine our colorful and storied landscape as the backdrop of your wedding celebration. Such an occasion is a not only a chance to host a soirée with food, wine, and music, but also an opportunity to share a vacation with friends and family. Celebrate your Cinque Terre wedding and combine a bespoke ceremony, lunches on terraces and starlighted dinners overlooking rocky outcrops on the Mediterranean.
A wedding held at such a romantic and photogenic location begs the question— why go anywhere else for the honeymoon?

A Casa at your Service

  • Event planning, coordination, and guidance.
  • We act as your intermediary with the local government and/or church authorities.
  • Logistical arrangement of local services, (church availability, guests’ lodging, transportation, reception).
  • Research and selection of suppliers (catering, musical entertainment, church and table decorations, florist, baker, photographer, car and/or boat hire, etc.).
  • Search for the best supplier offers and make quality/costs evaluation.
  • On behalf of the client, we will take commitments with the single suppliers, at the agreed upon price, terms and conditions.

Whoever has already felt empathy for for these stone villages, facing a rugged vertical landscape from the sea and the sky and the horizon between them, or found here a magic harmony with their partner, they may realize a good reason why to come back to Cinque Terre: to celebrate with a public ceremony their sentimental engagement, to share at once their feeling and their once in a lifetime experience with their friends and to make this dream come true. -Claudio