Personalized Italian Language courses in the Cinque Terre

The Italian language courses programs are personalized according to the level of the participants and their interest, and administered by professional Italian teachers.

Course Description

The aim of the courses is to improve verbal communication in Italian.
A licensed Italian teacher will give a basic course of 15 hours over 5 days, generally the morning from 09:00 to 12:00, at the hosting village.
Depending on the ability of the participants, a portion of each day will be dedicated to the italian grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, and reading practice. Written texts, as a guideline of the course, will be provided by the teacher.
Another portion of each lesson will be dedicated to outdoor informal communication, in order to experience different but daily common situations: cafe, grocery store, shopping, station, post office...
Classes can be held individually or for small groups of up to 7 people.

  • Individual course - € 400/p
  • Class course for 2 people - € 350 /person
  • Class course for 3 people - € 300 /person
  • Class course for 4-7 people - € 250 /person

For information and booking

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